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Today the operations of LASSA and Foodbank SA were formalized. ????????

We are so thankful for the support we have been receiving from one of our partners, volunteers and our Latin Community who believe and help us to achieve one of our mission: Families Wellbeing & Economic Empowerment.

We would continue helping the community.

?? By filling the form in the link below you will help us to determinate if you qualify for the food help package as well as helping us to determinate more issues that the community is having during this challenge time.


Greg Pattinson CEO Foodbank SA – Edwardstow
Serena Huebler Customers Support & Develoment Foodbank SA
and LASSA Volunteer Loreto Donoso

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Glauce Raymundo. 


Glauce Raymundo is Brazilian and arrived in Adelaide in 2015. As a psychologist and Yoga instructor, with over 15 years of experience in Brazil, Glauce has been offering free workshops on mental health, mindfulness and meditation for Portuguese speakers in Adelaide, as well as engaging with the Multicultural Communities Council of South Australia in a range of activities, on behalf of the Brazilian community. In 2017, she decided to pursue a Master Degree in Business Administration and Public Health, being invited to teach for Torrens University`s Public Health and Community Services programs. In 2019, having completed her post-graduate qualification, Glauce set up her own counselling practice in Adelaide, while also working as a family educator and counsellor, for the Department of Social Services in South Australia. Over the past year, Glauce remained offering free online workshops on mental health and wellbeing for Portuguese speakers, as well as liaising with a variety of stakeholders on behalf of the Brazilian community in Adelaide. Being passionate about mental health and wellbeing, sustainability and collective effort, Glauce is looking forward to joining LASSA, on behalf of the Latin American community in South Australia.